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  • 18.01.2019
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Kagazragore | 22.01.2019
Happy birthday baby girl
Aragal | 19.01.2019
No birth control is 100% guaranteed. Condoms break. Sponges and diaphragms slip. Pills can be rendered less effective by other meds. Even IUD’s, injections, and implants can fail. Shit happens even when you’re taking precautions.
Nikosar | 21.01.2019
Would love to get a rail on that hilarious and bumpy road with you ; ahaha, I would not shh shh you, Oh no, scream noisily , I love to hear your voice utter of pleasure :*
Akile | 19.01.2019
the figure acne on the one chick is something fierce
Gardakree | 25.01.2019
There is a high correlation between who appointed a judge and who benefits from that judge's opinion.

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